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Drama & Performing Arts


Mrs. C. Johnston – B.A. (Hons) P.G.C.E. MEd / Head of Department

Miss L Jones - BA PGCE 

Miss E McGrath - BA PGCE 


It is the Shakespearean-influenced philosophy of “all the world’s a stage,” that underpins the values held within Omagh High School’s Drama Department. We aim to use theatre and dramatic techniques to support and encourage pupils to develop their unique skills and talents for life’s “stage.”

Pupils are given the opportunity to develop qualities such as flexibility, tolerance, integrity, self-belief and self-discipline, alongside skills such as mime, improvisation and communication. Lessons consist of tailor-made, energetic and engaging theoretical and practical activities, which explore everyday life and endeavour to meet individual needs. Pupils at all levels are encouraged to explore, respond, develop, perform and evaluate their work whilst developing their knowledge of understanding and communicating in the modern world.

The drama department is an open, friendly and supportive environment which is committed to nurturing talent and enabling pupils to reach their full potential both in class and through extra-curricular activities. Pupils at Key Stage 3 level have 1 hour 10 minutes of Drama per week which covers a range of acting, back stage and performance analysis topics.

Key Stage 3


Key stage 3 gives pupils the opportunity to explore a variety of performance skills in a supportive and fun environment.


GCSE Drama

Please watch the video to find out what GCSE Drama entails.

Key Stage 5 Drama

Please watch the video to find out what GCE Drama and Theatre Studies entails.

School Production


At Omagh High School we have a biannual school production. This is a fabulous experience and a lot of fun for pupils and staff. Recent productions include Bugsy Malone (February 2016), Alice in Wonderland (October 2017) and Hairspray (October 2019). All three productions have been a huge success and have given our pupils a wonderful opportunity to develop their performing talents, confidence on stage and make lifelong memories. Performing in the Strule Arts Centre adds his experience highlighted just how fortunate we are to have such fabulous facilities and accommodating and helpful staff on our door step.

Careers Linked with Drama

  • Drama Therapist

  • Actor/Actress

  • Stage Manager

  • Arts Administrator

  • Television Production Assistant

  • Radio Presenter

  • Youth & Community Worker

  • Teacher (Primary/Secondary)

  • Social Worker

  • Personnel Manager

  • Journalist

  • Marketing Manager

  • Charities Administrator

Drama is not just about acting on a stage. There are a wealth of other career paths with direct links to theatre, from set and costume design to special effects and lighting and sound development. We are at an exciting crossroads in Northern Ireland. Not only do we have renowned and respected actors, such as Liam Neeson, promoting Northern Irish talent on a global scale, but the beauty of our country is now being recognised as a place to film magical scenes for successful shows such as Game of Thrones and Dad’s Army.

Off screen, drama is invaluable in promoting the development of a range of transferable skills. Increasingly, we are asked to perform many roles on life’s stage and drama assists to prepare pupils as adept communicators, innovative thinkers and well-rounded team players. The collaborative nature of Drama as an art form provides students with opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills as well as their voice, gestures and body language to convey meaning to diverse audiences. Performing in the Strule Arts Centre adds to this experience and highlights just how fortunate we are to have such fabulous facilities and accommodating and helpful staff on our door step.

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