School Rules

School has to be an ordered community where certain norms of discipline have to be set down and observed. This is necessary not merely to provide a proper environment for learning, but also to secure an essential part of the educational process.


  1. Movement between classes must be orderly and quiet. Keep to the left and walk in single file on the stair wells.

  2. Form a single line outside the classroom door. Wait for permission to enter.

  3. During break and lunchtime movement around the school should be orderly and quiet.

  4. Keep well clear of “Out of Bounds” areas

    • School car parks

    • Steep banks

    • Areas beyond regulation fences

    • Roofs of buildings and covered walkways

    • Western Education & Library Board Headquarters

    • and any other area identified as out of bounds by a member of staff

  5. No pupil should leave school without permission.

  6. Entrance to school by front door only. (Start of school day)


  1. Toilets – keep the toilets clean and tidy.

  2. Smoking is not allowed in school and/or while wearing school uniform.

  3. Litter – all litter must be placed in the bins provided.

  4. Food – all food should be consumed in the dining hall.

  5. Drinks – only unflavoured still water permitted during the school day.

  6. Food should not be left in the lockers overnight.

  7. No form of anti-social behaviour will be tolerated e.g. spitting, inappropriate disposal of litter.

  8. Chewing gum is banned from school grounds.


  1. Obscene language and verbal abuse will not be tolerated.

  2. All pupils must wear school uniform.

  3. Absence notes must be produced on return to school and given to the house teacher.

  4. “Notes Out” should be brought to the house teacher on the day before the absence or on the morning before the start of the school day. Before leaving for the appointment the pupil must sign out at the office and if returning to school after an appointment, must sign in again on their return.

  5. Homework diaries must be signed once per week by house teacher and parent/guardian.

  6. Good manners are expected from all pupils at all times.

  7. Pupils must show respect for each other and all staff at all times.

  8. Each pupil must show adequate respect for the property of other pupils, staff and the school – both on and off-site.

  9. Lockers may only be used before and after school, for PE/Games classes, break and lunchtime.

  10. Fighting and bullying will not be tolerated.

  11. Phones should be switched off and stored in lockers through the day. Any pupil observed in possession of a mobile phone between 8.55 a.m. and 3.25 p.m. will have it confiscated and it will only be returned to a parent/guardian during office hours. There can be no exception made to this rule.

  12. No digital/technical equipment should be used.