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New Pupils

Omagh High School is a place where all students are equally important and equally valued. We know that new students will have different interests and hobbies. At Omagh High School we will do all we can to help students to do the best they can in all activities. We believe all aspects of a student’s education are important including sport, drama, literacy, craft and all of their studies. We work hard to assist students in finding their place in our school and celebrating their successes. The staff at Omagh High School are always willing to assist students. The house teacher is a very important person who is there to help support students and ensure that they feel happy and safe.

There are lots of opportunities to participate in extra-curricular activities and students are encourage to join the many clubs as this is a good way to make new friends and integrate into school life.  It is important that students participate fully in lessons, asking and answering questions and complete work to the best of their ability.

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