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School History

Omagh High School opened in 1961 as Omagh County Secondary Intermediate School.  The School has established an impressive reputation and track record.

The school has a catchment of 18 primary schools and is a caring, co–educational, non-denominational school with a positive Christian ethos.

We at Omagh High School contribute to the all round development of the pupils in our care through provision of a diverse range of extra-curricular activities. Educational, cultural, and sporting trips are regularly organised by staff.

The school has also received numerous Health Promoting School Awards.

There is a strong sixth form in school. This sixth form is a very important part of school life and the students play a key role in everyday school activities.

In recent years Omagh High School and Omagh Academy have begun to work closely together to complement their respective curriculum provision. Students can also access courses offered by South West College in their Omagh Campus.

Taken together the curriculum offering available to sixth form students in Omagh High School provides access to an exceptionally wide choice of subjects and courses.

Our aim is to make sure that sixth form students have access to a sufficient variety of courses to meet their needs and provide them with appropriate future career prospects.

Despite being over fifty years old Omagh High has the resources, equipment and staff to deliver a high quality 21st century education.

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