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Our School


Welcome to

Omagh High School

Mr C Gaitatzis 

- Principal

We are an all ability school and have high expectations of all the boys and girls in our care. Our aim is to nurture and develop the individual talents of each pupil in order that they enter society as a well-rounded individual, able to contribute positively to the community in which they live.

We aim to create a supportive, well-ordered and welcoming environment that challenges each pupil to strive towards reaching their full potential. Young people are encouraged to make the most of the numerous opportunities on offer at Omagh High School ranging from music, drama, various sports, speaking and outdoor activities. We see ourselves as a happy, vibrant hard-working community and promote mutual respect and integrity.

When our pupils leave us we want them to be able to make the most of the opportunities that come their way. Many pupils will not be able to have a job for life – society is changing so fast that our young people will have to be able to adapt to meet these changes. Pupils will have to embrace the life-long learning concept, as they may have to change jobs several times in adulthood. We feel we will have done our job if we can provide our pupils with the necessary transferable skills that can be of use in the future.

We value our partnerships with parents and the community. Our collaborative links with Omagh Academy and South West College and allow us to provide a truly broad curriculum providing opportunities for all.

Introduction to Our School

ETI Inspection Reports

In our recent inspection by the Education and Training Inspectorate, Omagh High School was awarded the grade ‘outstanding’. We are the first Controlled Post-Primary School in Northern Ireland of any type to be judged as outstanding. To view the full inspection report please click the link below.

Standard Inspection Report 2013

Sustaining Improvement Inspection Report 2019

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