Prefects Team

In Year 14 pupils have the opportunity to apply for the position of prefect and then prepare a power point presentation to the three house teachers on “Why I should be a prefect”. After these presentations pupils then get shortlisted to attend an interview with senior management and from this a Head boy and girl, deputies and prefects are selected. Prefects will be selected based on their conduct, work ethic and contribution to school life.

Other positions filled from within the prefect body include:

  • House Mentor

  • Charity Prefect

  • Library Prefects

  • Media Prefects

The prefect body fulfils a critical role in school as a link between the pupils and staff, in modelling expected standards of conduct and in promoting the school to the local community. Membership of the prefect body enhances a student’s CV and is particularly sought after by Universities and third level institutions.


Deputy Head Boy - Lewis Dempsey

Andrew Beattie

Emma Campbell

Sarah Clarke

Harmony Hamilton

Bethany Managh


Kirsty Clarke

Chesney Grimes

Daniel Weir


Head Boy – Lewis Kerrigan

Head Girl – Jessica Cuthbertson

Deputy Head Girl – Claire Spratt

Charlotte Rennie

Harvey Walker

Updated Head boy, girl etc.JPG

Deputy Head Boy – Lewis Dempsey Deputy Head Girl – Claire Spratt  Head Girl – Jessica Cuthbertson Head Boy – Lewis Kerrigan

Prefect photo and names final.jpg