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Mr M. Duffy (BA Hons, PGCE). Head of Department. Room 20.

Mrs L. Colson (BD, PGCE, PQH). Room 21.

Mrs E. MacCombe (BA Hons, PGCE). Room 4.

Miss L. Jones (BA Hons, PGCE). Room 3.


At Omagh High School we encourage history students to develop the skills and look beyond the headlines, to ask questions properly, and to express their own opinions. That the pursuit of historical events and people is fun and acts as a form of time travel. History is all around us and helps our students understand the origins of modern political and social problems and helps them appreciate that people in the past were not just ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but motivated in complex and inconsistent ways. We fervently believe that the study of history should be interesting, relevant and moreover accessible to a wide range of abilities.

Key Stage 4 History

Please watch the video to find out what GCSE History entails.

Key Stage 5 History

Please watch the video to find out what GCE History entails.

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