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Home Economics


Mrs L Caldwell – (BSc Hons. PGCE) / Head of Department
Mrs Crawford        B.Sc.(Hons.) P.G.C.E. / Subject Teacher
Mrs A Armstrong - (B Ed) / Subject teacher


The subject aims to provide students with knowledge and understanding of nutrition, healthy lifestyles, safe food and family relationships to improve their quality of life.

The students acquire skills for life as they learn about:

  • Hygiene and safety in the preparation of food.

  • The importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Making responsible food choices about their diet and food.

  • Roles and responsibilities of family members.

  • Their rights and responsibilities as customers.

Key Stage 4 Home Economics

At Key stage 4 students are given the opportunity to study Home Economics and Child Development at GCSE level.

Please watch the video to find out what GCSE Hospitality entails.

GCSE Child Development

Please watch the video to find out what GCSE Child Development entails.

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