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GCSE – Examination Results 2022

Omagh High School pupils have made starring performances!

Omagh High School is very proud of our pupils “OUTSTANDING” RESULTS at GCSE level.

Our GCSE results have surpassed any previous success for similar schools in Northern Ireland. All our staff are absolutely delighted with the outstanding results of all our students. The Principal, Mr Gaitatzis congratulated all the pupils on their exceptional results and success. “It is extremely rewarding to see the progress made by all our pupils in fulfilling their true potential.” Mr Gaitatzis also added “Well done to all the students of Omagh High School. It is the culmination of two years of hard work, long hours of studying and anxious hours revising that our school is celebrating today. Our students had to overcome the anxiety and challenges of the past few years and to adapt to the new demands of teaching. They must be very proud of their achievements.” 87% of our students achieved 5 GCSE A* - C an exceptional performance that clearly indicates the passion of our teaching staff and the hard work of our pupils. Not only have these pupils excelled academically whilst at Omagh High School, but they have also developed personally in terms of their attitudes and respect for all members of society and have made a valuable contribution to the local community. This continues to be a vital component of Omagh High School’s educational ethos. Our educational provision of high quality teaching and learning – enables our young people to successfully meet the challenges of future career pathways, whether locally or further afield. Developing and enhancing the pupils’ skills has been a real team effort by everyone involved with Omagh High School

As a result of their achievements many of the pupils will be returning to Omagh High School to continue their studies in the very successful and thriving SIXTH FORM which provides a vast array of opportunities including AS/A2 levels, BTEC awards, vocational qualifications and enrichment activities. All are congratulated on their success and are extended best wishes for the future.

Building up on the solid foundation of their GCSE success pupils should now consider becoming part of our exceptional academic community and join our very successful Sixth Form.

Some notable successes

Oudette Ferran: 7A*, 2A, 1B

Wiktoria Lenard: 6 A* and 4 A

Scott McDowell: 6A*, 1 A, 2B, 1C*

Rebecca Clarke: 4A*, 3A, 2B

Matthew Cuthbertson: 3A*, 5A, 2B

Helena Caldwell: 2 A*, 4A, 1B, 2C*

Ellie-May Johnston: 1A*, 3A, 4B, 2C*

Jordana Mitchell: 1A*, 3B, 4C*, 1C

Ewan Edgar: 4A, 1B, 3C*, 2C

Ruby Clements: 3A, 2B, 2C*

Rachel Graham: 2A, 5B, 3C*

Lucie Kerr: 2A, 6B, 1C*


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