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Memorial Service for Mr John Blaney

It was with great sadness that the school community learned of John Blaney’s untimely death in July 2019. John was a valued colleague and friend to us all, who dedicated his life to ensuring the smooth running of Omagh High School and to caring for his wonderful family.

John was a man who knew where everything was, how everything worked and how to fix everything. We miss him terribly but his legacy lives on through the numerous projects he executed over the past 22 years and in the precious memories we have of him.

We were honoured to have his family in school on 9 December for a service as a “Tribute to John.” The service, organised by Vice Principal Mrs Quigley allowed the school and staff to pay their respects to John through singing his favourite hymns and through participating or listening to a variety of readings, choral and solo pieces including “I’ll Fly Away,” “Abide With Me” “Until Then” and “Amazing Grace.” We were also delighted to receive the John Blaney Memorial Cup from John’s family as a symbol of John’s lasting legacy within Omagh High School.


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