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Art & Design


Mrs E Graham - M.S.c , B.A. (Hons), P.G.C.E., J.E.B. Teachers Diploma I.C.T. / Head of Department

Miss E McGrath - B.A.(Hons.) P.G.C.E / Subject Teacher


The department has two fully equipped designated Art and Design classrooms, with facilities to meet the needs and demands of the new curriculum. The Department has recently been updated to include a small suite of computers to help assist with the delivery of I.C.T within Art and Design.


The Art and Design Department aims to provide every child with a diverse and enriching experience of Art and Design. At Key Stage 3 students participate in a broad range of activities and gain confidence using many methods and materials. Such activities include drawing, painting, printing, digital photography, three-dimensional design and computer aided design. Throughout the course they will study a range of art work from different cultures and will work in both Fine Art and Design disciplines. At Key Stage 4 this subject is optional and students who continue with their studies working towards a GCSE in Art and Design. The full course GCSE is made up of Paper 1 (Coursework Unit 1 and Unit 2) and Paper 2.


GCSE Art & Design

Please watch the video to find out what GCSE Art entails.


Method of Assessment


Unit 1

Core Portfolio

  • Internally set

  • Internally marked

  • Externally moderated

  • Must show evidence of all Assessment objectives.

  • Students must produce an edited portfolio made up of a maximum of 20 A2 pages and a minimum of one final outcome.

  • Students must work in a minimum of two disciplines.

Unit 2

Externally Set Assignment

  • Externally set

  • Internally marked

  • Externally moderated

  • 6 weeks preparation time

  • 10 hours timed examination

  • Must show evidence of all assessment objectives.

  • Students must produce preparatory work during the 6 weeks preparation time.

  • Students must produce a final outcome during the 10 hours timed examination.

Knowledge, Understanding and Skills

This GCSE specification requires students to develop practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of:

  • How ideas, feelings and meanings are conveyed in images and artefacts

  • A range of art, craft and design processes in two and/or three dimensions including where appropriate, information and communication technology

  • How images and artefacts relate to their social, historical and cultural context

  • A variety of approaches, methods and intentions and the contribution of contemporary practitioners and others from different times and cultures to continuity and change in art, craft and design.

AS/A2 Art & Design

Please watch the video to find out what AS/A2 Art entails.

The Department boasts very successful pass rates at GCSE with students continuing their study of Art and Design to AS and A Level.

This course builds on the art and design experiences gained by candidates who followed the GCSE course in art and design. It promotes a broad art and design experience for AS level and a more focused experience, related to student preferences, for A Level GCE.

Students can progress to careers and higher education courses such as:

  • Graphic design, product marketing, web design

  • Careers in fashion, textiles, surface pattern and costume

  • Product design and packaging, marketing

  • Jewellery, ceramics

  • Theatre, film and TV – set and costume, story boarding, film animation

  • Photography and related specialisms

  • Architecture, interior design

  • Art therapy

  • Art teaching, primary and secondary

Unit Titles


Unit 1: Coursework Portfolio
Provides opportunities for students to work with a range of materials, processes and approaches. Work can be both 2 and 3 dimensional.

  • 60% of AS

  • 30% of Advanced GCE

Unit 2: Externally Set Assignment
This unit consists of an ESA requiring preparatory work, and a final response completed as a controlled test.

  • 6 weeks preparation

  • 8 hours realisation

  • 40% of AS, 20% of Advanced GCE

Unit 3: Personal Investigation
This unit includes a written element of 1000-2000 words and should demonstrate the student’s ability to purposefully combine visual and written responses and experiences.

  • 30% of Advanced GCE

Unit 4: Externally Set Assignment
Represents the culmination of the advanced GCE in Art and Design. This unit consists of an ESA requiring preparatory work, and a final response completed as a controlled test.

  • 6 weeks preparation

  • 15 hours realisation

  • 20% of Advanced GCE

Careers Linked with Art & Design

  • Fine Artist

  • Architect

  • Interior Decorator

  • Industrial Designer

  • Stage and Set Designer

  • Advertising Artist

  • Magazine Art Director

  • Book Illustrator/Designer

  • Fashion Designer/Illustrator

  • Cartoonist

  • Film Animator

  • General Illustrator

  • Calligrapher

  • Photographer

  • Art Teacher

  • Art Therapist

  • Art Gallery Manager

  • Curator/Historian

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