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Mrs C McLoughlin B.E.d.(Hons), P.G.Dip / Head of Department, Acting SENCo.
Mrs P Burns, B.A., P.G.C.E., P.G.C.M.L., MSc. / Subject Teacher


  • To develop the ability to use French effectively for purposes of practical communication and to encourage its use.

  • To offer insights into the culture and civilisation of French speaking countries, so arousing interest in French and all things French.

  • To provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation so that pupils will be able to use the language confidently.

  • To encourage positive attitudes to foreign language learning and to speakers of foreign languages and a sympathetic approach to other cultures and civilisations.

  • To promote learning skills of a more general application in keeping with the tenets of the revised curriculum.

  • To make pupils responsible for their own learning where possible and to encourage them to evaluate their own progress.

  • To prepare pupils for external examinations.

Key Stage 3 French

Years 8 & 9


- CCEA accredited OLA certificate

- Entry 2 or 3

Year 10

French for top stream

- CCEA accredited OLA certificate - in preparation for GCSE

Spanish for lower stream

- CCEA accredited OLA certificate

- Entry 2

GCSE / GCE Languages

Please watch the video to find out what GCSE & GCE Languages entails.


The table below summarises the structure of this GCSE course.




Unit 1



  • External written examination with stimulus material in French. There are two tiers of entry:

    • Foundation (35 mins approx.);

    • Higher (45 mins approx.).

  • 25%

Unit 2


  • One teacher-conducted and externally marked speaking examination. There is one tier of entry. The test lasts 7−12 minutes, plus 10 minutes of supervised preparation time. Each test includes:

    • Two role-plays, both from the same context for Learning; and

    • A general conversation on two topics, one from each of the other two contexts for Learning.

  • 25%

Unit 3


  • External written examination with stimulus material in French. There are two tiers of entry:

    • Foundation (50 mins); and

    • Higher (1 hour).

  • 25%

Unit 4


  • External written examination. There are two tiers of entry:

    • Foundation (1 hour); and

    • Higher (1 hour 15 mins).

  • 25%

Careers linked with French

  • Hotel management

  • Tourist information work

  • Importing

  • International law

  • Airline work

  • Tour operating

  • Translating

  • The European Commission

  • Customer services

  • Hotel reception work

  • Bilingual advocacy

  • Exporting

  • Cruise ship work

  • Immigration

  • Interpreting

  • Travel agency work

  • European patent work

  • Marketing

  • The diplomatic service

  • Language teaching

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