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Leavers Poem, written by Lucy Jobb in Year 14

What a journey it has been

All the places I have seen

7 years have come to an end

All the memories, and all the friends.

All the laughter and all the tears,

Have shaped a girl into a woman throughout all of these years.

Omagh high school was its name

The place that provided all the stress and pain.

Those years have flew and I have grown, into a woman different from the girl they once would have known.

Walking through the doors on my first day Was a memory I’ll never forget,

But now I walk out of them for the last time holding no regret.

Seven years come and gone,

seems like yesterday when I was singing my p7 leavers song.

Don’t wish these years away so fast,

As they’ll soon be over and you’ll be looking back

At your what is now classified as your past.

Eleven going on Eighteen,

these last couple of years have not been what they seem.

One trip to London, skiing, walking through rivers later are all memories which I will cherish forever.

Don’t take life for granted, as you only get one chance so live it to the full.

If school has taught me one thing, it’s that they might be tough academically, but until you are at the finish line ready to hang your uniform up for one last time, you won’t realise the most important thing.

It is that, School years are worth every last school bell ring.

Deputy head girl has come and gone,

relived of duty and ready to sing a new leavers song.

Slipping through my fingers all the time,

Is what the class of 2023 have decided to chime.

Leaving behind all the fond happy times, which could be what some teachers could recall as our most mischievous crimes.

Rewind back to the first years, which brought so much joy and so much tears.

Looking up to the ‘big kids’ with so much admiration, to our shock and horror we have become that next generation.

What once was a scared first year, has matured into a confident sixth year.

The years have flown by, 1st turned into 7th like no time passed

And now I walk around the empty halls recalling everything for a last.

From wonderful teachers who helped me become who I am today,

To all those brilliant maths classes that made me say hip hip hooray.

My school journey has had its ups and downs,

But wherever I went sport always seemed to turned my frown upside down.

And as I journey to pastures new, I’ll take with me a piece of you.

After 7 years in Omagh high,

I am now ready to spread my wings and fly.

Away from Omagh and all that I know, but will always look back at how much I have grown.

Lucy Jobb



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